We need to find ways to motivate more consumers to participate. Well over 98% of the New Zealand population can recycle plastics, but the plastics recycled rate is hovering around 5%?

The traditional black pot is making way for a new taupe pot as it is completely Near-InfaRed (NIR) detectable. This technology ensures that the taupe pot is detected among recycled waste and will be reused to make new plastic products – closing the loop to be a truly circular product. 

In Europe, including Germany, Austria, Netherlands, France, Italy, Norway, and the United Kingdom all have Recycling Facilities that now use Near Infrared (NIR) detection systems. 

The taupe pot is made from 100 % recycled material and 100% detectable, making it 100% recyclable! 

 We believe it is only a matter of time before central government makes an investment in this technology and forces change towards fully recyclable plastic. By introducing this pot, we are in a position to lead this change and be ready when the detection technology is implemented.