The Green Loop

Geen Loop

Recycled material has become something of great importance in the global horticulture industry.

It is particularly prevalent in Europe, where manufacturing pots made from recycled plastics, that are also 100% recyclable is the most discussed issue.
Green Loop NZ is proud to begin laying the foundation to close the loop in NZ with the launch of the new ‘GreenLoop Pot’ made from 100% recycled plastic.

The Green Loop brand represents:


Gives you the grower the confidence you are providing a product that is produced using certified 100% recycled material


Efficient use of resource utilising a lighter weight pot


Provides a fully sustainable future hence the loop.


For Portraying the message to Key accounts, retailers & consumers

The Green Loop brand is about drawing awareness to all stakeholders that when the technology is in place they will have a product that is
fully sustainable.